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Santa & His Elves Surprises Kids In Hospital With Magical Virtual “Visit.”

One of the best things about Christmas is seeing the magic in kids eyes when they meet Santa. Once a year, they get to talk to the big man in red and give him a list of all the things they want.

For kids in hospitals, it’s not so easy to make the trek out to see Santa, and since he’s really busy this time of year, he doesn’t always get to visit the hospitals in person. So, he and his elves came up with a plan for him to get to video-chat with the kids at Nemours Children’s Health System.


Nemours teamed up with their telemedicine provider, CareConnect, to give patients the opportunity to chat with Santa over video. Normally, CareConnect allows pediatricians to “visit” kids in the hospital and oversee their care. But, this time the visit wasn’t from a doctor – it was from Santa.


In a video posted by the health system, two elves are seen walking the halls of the hospital with a monitor on wheels. They enter kids rooms and show them a green button that says “Connect to the North Pole” which allows them to video call Santa.

The kids love it, especially because Santa appears to know them before they even tell him their names! The video shows kids’ faces light up as they are connected with him.


The hospital was overjoyed to take extra steps to treat their pediatric patients to a Santa “visit”. Carey Officer, Operational Vice President of Nemours CareConnect and Center for Health Delivery Innovation said, “Being hospitalized at this time of year can leave kids feeling left out of the holiday season. Santa’s virtual visits from the North Pole offer these kids a fun and special experience.”

Parents of patients seem to enjoy the visits just as much as the kids. One patient’s mom said, “I wasn’t expecting this visit at all. It’s nice to get a little surprise for the children. When we come to the hospital, he can be a little down, but to get lifted up a little bit from a simple virtual call from Santa, is just awesome.”


Check out the video below to see some of Santa’s interactions – and the kids’ sweet surprised faces! Be sure to spread the holiday cheer and share this story with your friends!

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