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Rescue Puppy Sporting Adorable Handlebar Mustache Has Internet Falling In Love.

When Dallas Animal Services workers picked up a German shepherd mix and her 11 tiny puppies outside a Texas elementary school, last month, they immediately noticed something peculiar — and absolutely adorable.

One of the pups, a sweet-faced white and brown female, was sporting a mustache! They couldn’t help but picture Spanish painter Salvador Dali, known for his famous handlebar mustache. Thus, the puppy had a name: Salvador Dolly.

mustache puppy

It wasn’t long before Whitney Fang and Kevin Zhu, who run the nonprofit Hearts and Bones Animal Rescue, saw Dolly’s precious face in the shelter and fell in love.

mom dog and puppies

In her free time, Whitney can often be found searching the shelter’s mom and puppy section for any potential fosters. And when she came across Dolly, her siblings, and her mom, last week, she knew they had to scoop all 12 up.


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Since it was founded in 2017, Hearts and Bones has care for about 1,200 dogs, pairing rescue puppies with foster and forever families in Dallas as well as New York City. Currently, Whitney and Kevin are fostering Dolly and her family. But as they found when they shared photos of the five-week-old puppy on the organization’s social media pages, they had no problem finding potential adopters.

mustache puppy

In fact, adoption requests came flooding in when the “mustache puppy” went viral. The internet collectively squealed as Dolly’s photos circulated around the web, capturing the hearts of everyone who saw them. They even made it onto the popular Twitter page, WeRateDogs, earning Dolly a score of 14/10!

we rate dogs mustache puppy

While Dolly and her siblings are still too young to be separated from their mom, they’re set to be transported to New York City next month, and Dolly has gotten so many adoption applications they can’t accept anymore!

mustache puppy

But in the meantime, Whitney and Kevin hope all the attention will encourage people to adopt Dolly’s litter mates, mom, and other shelter dogs just as deserving of love. Of course, Dolly is unbelievably cute — but so are the many other animals who need good homes.

mustache puppy

Check out more adorable footage of the 11 puppies and their mom below. Please share this story to encourage other families to consider fostering or adoption.

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