Revolutionary New App Gives Sight To The Blind. You’ll Be In Innovative Awe When You See How It Works.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes, an incredible new app seeking to give sight to the blind, launched today online and in app stores everywhere.  Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark by Jorgen Wiberg, it uses live video technology to connect the visually impaired with able-seeing people across the globe.  Through this in-app connection, the blind can be aided in their day-to-day visual activities.


The goal is to promote small acts of kindness through digital relationships and visual aid.  And the concept is much needed: there are more than 39 million blind people in the world today; a number predicted to increase to 75 million by 2020.

The app’s website has a running, live count of the number of sighted users, the number blind users, and the total number of those helped. And it’s tally is growing faster than you could believe! Thousands of people have already been impacted, and it is likely that number will increase exponentially in the coming weeks.

So what can you do?  Spread the word and Download Be My Eyes on the App Store today!

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