Prof’s Honest Answer To “How Do You Know You’re In Love?” Is Going Viral.

How do you know when you’re in love?

The answer to that question changes as you grow up. When you’re a child, it probably has something to do with who’s the best at tag during recess or who hauled the most candy during Halloween (swoon). As a teen, I remember thinking the answer had something to do with the sweet love notes my boyfriend passed me in class. But adults have an entirely different perspective.

When Dan West’s students asked him his take on the matter, the Ohio University assistant professor had the simplest — and sweetest — response.


Dan teaches a few different courses, but during one of his last sessions with his “Introduction to Human Communication” class, he opened the floor up for students to ask more personal questions about the final topic at hand: love and relationships. 


Dan and his wife Vicki have been married for 24 years, which is an impressive number… but their story is even more heartwarming.

One of the questions the teacher received from a student was “How do you know when you’re in love?”

“It just hits you, you can’t expect it and you can’t plan for it,” the professor began.


Wanting to explain the sentiment more, he decided to let his students in on his own love story.

“We had just come from a movie and stopped by a grocery store so I could buy some food for the next day. We were looking at ice cream and as I watched her choosing, I realized that I was going to be buying groceries with her for the rest of my life,” he said. Dan proposed and they married shortly thereafter.


Naturally, the entire class swooned over this real-life tale of love. Wanting to share a little brightness with others, one pupil decided to take to social media to share Dan’s answer.


The Twitter-sphere was just as moved as Dan’s class was and the tweet quickly went viral.

Some commenters wrote that the story melted their hearts, while others joked they had something in their eyes — definitely not crying, you guys!

It’s so wonderful to hear about a professor sharing his own life experiences and knowledge with his students in order to further connect and make an impact on them.

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