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alou bathelu

Domino’s Delivery Guy Sees Thief Fleeing From Cops & Jumps On Bike To Stop Him.

Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker failed to deliver pizzas on time while fighting thugs as Spider-Man. But in real life, Alou Bathelu has no problem doing both.

The Domino’s deliveryman has only been in the U.S. for a couple of months, and already, he’s made quite an impression on his community — particularly law enforcement. That’s because the 21-year-old from West Africa is a regular superhero.

alou leaving dominos

On March 29, Alou was making a delivery on his bike on the Upper West Side of Manhattan when he saw NYPD officers confronting a thief. The suspect, 17-year-old Lovell Ambrister, was one of six people who’d attacked a woman and snatched her headphones. Police had been pursuing them for the last hour before they finally found Lovell.

alou on his bike

Despite the officers’ instructions to stop, Lovell ran. Out of his pockets flew counterfeit $50 bills, which he’d been using to buy cheap items in order to get real cash back as change. Alou noticed all of this and without hesitation yelled, “I’ll stop him, officers!”


The fearless deliveryman then proceeded to peddle his bike in front of the teen, blocking his path. When Lovell tried to run away again, Alou threw him to the ground and sat on him, making a citizen’s arrest until police could catch up. Oh, and after all that, he still managed to deliver his pizzas within Domino’s 30-minute guarantee. What’s more is that he says he wasn’t scared and he’d do it all over again.

“It’s good for the community because if I’m going to help the policemen in their work, it’s good because the police are here for the security,” Alou said.

alou the hero

Lovell was charged with robbery, forgery, petty larceny, and trademark counterfeiting. Police are still searching for the other suspects. As for Alou? He’s rightfully being hailed a hero. NYPD’s 20th Precinct praised him for helping “deliver justice.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio thanked Alou as well on Twitter, writing, “Kudos to the pizza delivery hero who helped New York’s Finest stop this robbery (in 30 minutes or less).”

Who else thinks this brave young man deserves a raise? Here’s hoping he gets it! Learn more about how Alou casually apprehended a criminal in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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