Dog’s Unusual Daily Routine Has Pet Store In Stitches, Staff Catch Him In The Act In Adorable Video!

Too bad this industrious little pup isn’t bigger, or he could save his humans all those trips to the grocery store to pick up milk and eggs — but only if he got to make a little side trip for himself.


Pituco is an independent little scrapper who lives with his family in Paraí, Brazil. And he’s a well-known and much-beloved customer at Agro Pets, a nearby animal clinic with an attached pet food store filled with yummy treats.


Dogs are creatures of habit, and Pituco is no different. Every afternoon, he trots over to his own version of 7-11 to pick up a bag of his favorite munchies.

As he trots back out the door, his wagging tail says it all: Just put it on my tab.

Every day, little Pituco trots over to the local animal clinic, grabs a bag of dog treats and trots on back home.

“Everybody knows Pituco,”explains one of the vets at Agro Pets — which does, in fact, tack the treats on to his owner’s tab. “His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do.â€

An employee at Agro Pets took a short video during one of Pituco’s recent outings and posted it on Facebook, where it’s since garnered more than 1 million views.

Check out the video below to see this independent pup in action, and share to spread smiles!

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