Judges gave them no chance because of how they looked. But then the music started…

When Paddy and Nico stepped on stage at Britain’s Got Talent, things were a little awkward at first. The judges and audience alike were unsure of the duo… a tall 30 something Spaniard and 80-year-old British women aren’t the most likely pair.

But things were about to get seriously awesome in a hurry.

They started a dance routine at a leisurely pace befitting a woman of Paddy’s age. Unsurprisingly, Simon was the most annoyed in the room and tried to boot the couple off stage moments into their performance.

But what is one of the greatest virtues? Patience!

By the end, Simon owed Paddy and Nico a serious apology… because they killed it!

Check out their incredible performance below! It’s never too late to chase your dreams.

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