Kind Note Left By Mystery Person Inspires Entire Town With Uplifting Message.

note and 100 dollars

A random — and mysterious — act of kindness has provided a small town in Nova Scotia with a surge of love and positivity.

Doug Miller is a town employee in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. He was out and about in a local park when he noticed a plastic bag pinned near the gazebo. When he picked it up he was amazed to find a $100 bill inside along with a handwritten note.


To: whoever finds this $100 bill – it is yours!
I hope it will bring you joy and that you will use it for your own enjoyment 🙂
Always know that there is good in the world and joy to be found.
I hope you know, or will learn, that you are priceless and worth more than any paper or plastic.
I hope you will always choose to be happy. -Love

Doug couldn’t believe that someone had generously gifted a stranger with $100, but the note’s sentiment was what really got him thinking. “It’s a little on the surreal side … it’s like something out of Hollywood,” he admitted. He isn’t sure if he’ll even spend the sudden windfall; instead, he’s considering paying it forward and helping another random stranger feel the love.

After the town shared the story on Facebook, people couldn’t wait to congratulate Doug and share their thoughts about the wonderful community they call home. Doug says being the center of attention doesn’t come easily to him, but he’s truly enjoyed hearing people’s stories and chatting about the mysterious benefactor who roams among them.

“It’s the intention that I’m really trying to absorb,” he said. “Talking to people about it and the message behind it, I think it’s fabulous.”


New Glasgow’s Director of Community Development, Geralyn MacDonald, was the person who shared the story on Facebook. She says that the post quickly became the talk of the town, bringing people together in a way that she hadn’t seen in ages.

“I think [the anonymous gifter] set out to make a positive impact on one person’s life but they actually did for the whole community,” Geralyn continued.

Although amateur sleuths have attempted to suss out the identity of the mysterious person behind this kind gesture, their identity is still — and will probably remain — a mystery. Geralyn says, “Whoever did this … doesn’t want the recognition.”

One thing everyone can agree on is that this act has made area residents realize how fortunate they are to live in such a caring community.


This one small act of kindness has inspired an entire town to share their own stories about life in a small Canadian town. It’s also given residents hope that underneath all the bluster and opinions, we’re all just human beings trying to get along and attain happiness. Just knowing that we’re all in this together can make all the difference!

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