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Neighbor Spots Horse Trapped In Muddy Pit & Community Rushes In For Daring Rescue.

A mare was out grazing on a pasture in southwest Ireland, just outside Limerick, when she fell into a mud pit. Thankfully, a passerby happened to spot her and quickly got in touch with a local rescue group, Limerick Animal Welfare.

The group already had a crew of volunteers at the ready, but they knew they needed more hands on deck and sent out a plea on Facebook:


Once word of the poor mare’s plight spread, community members gathered ropes, straps, and pulleys, then rushed out to the pasture to lend a helping hand.


This poor mare must have been terrified, but somehow, she also had to have sensed everyone was there to help. The less she struggled, the more easily they were able to pull her from the almost quicksand-like mud, until eventually they’d finally freed her torso and midsection…


Struggling back to her feet, she finally found herself able to stand on her own. Now it was just a matter of pushing through the mud and climbing back up the embankment to safety…


This poor girl must’ve been exhausted. And she appears to have almost given up… but that wasn’t going to happen on these rescuers’ watches. Seeing the look of defeat in her eyes, they pulled and tugged on the straps with all their might…


Until she was free at last! The rescue group’s equine vet was among those who helped bring the mare to safety, and she prescribed a dose of antibiotics before sending her back home with her eternally grateful owner.


In an update, volunteer Anna Gallagher emphasized that the mare is extremely loved and well cared for, and recovering well.

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