Doctors Said He Would Die, But How He Turned Out Is Incredible!

This baby is a miracle.

Doctors told Karen Wollman her baby would be stillborn. After discovering the baby had Down Syndrome and Hydrops, a condition causing severe swelling in the baby’s body, it was nearly impossible the baby would live through birth.

When Renner was born, he took one single breath and was then rushed off to the NICU to be kept alive.

Despite doctors’ tireless efforts, the little boy went into kidney failure.

As her last wish, Karen asked to hold her baby and rock him in a rocking chair. She rocked him for 4 hours.  It was her special time to say hello and goodbye to her child.

But then something incredible happened: he got better.  The rocking, somehow, made a difference.  He survived the day.  He survived the next one.  And soon Renner was drastically improving. Doctors were in awe; they could not explain the change.

After a long time of recovering, Renner finally got to go home.  How he got here and who he has become – a smiling bundle of joy – is a true miracle.

Watch the video below to see Renner’s full, miraculous story!

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