Military Daughter Finds Bear At Goodwill, When She Hears What’s Inside, She Knows She Can’t Keep It.

You never know what kinds of treasures you’ll find when you go to a thrift store or a yard sale. Sometimes you come across a mint-condition antique book, other times you come across someone’s cherished possession they struggled to part with.

When Amanda Fields’s daughter, Amaya found a teddy bear at a garage sale, she had no idea what it held and how precious it really was. But as soon as the 6-year-old discovered the truth hiding inside the bear, she knew she couldn’t keep it.

The bear looked like any old toy.


As Amaya was playing with it, though, their dog accidentally stepped on it. Suddenly, she heard a voice.


Mother Amanda took the voice button out to hear the recording clearly.


As soon it started playing, Amanda’s heart dropped.

“Merry Christmas from Afghanistan. Daddy misses you and misses you. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ll see you soon and I love you.”

Amaya told her mom, “This is a daddy in war and we need to find this person.” Amanda couldn’t agree more. That’s when she jumped into action and started trying to find the bear’s owner.

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My daughter found this teddy bear today. She had it for a few hours before she realized it had a “button” inside. I took it out to hear the message:
“Merry Christmas from Afghanistan. Daddy misses you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ll see you soon, I love you!”

As a military family, we know how hard it is for Dad to be away. We hold on to every single word, message and gift during his deployments. These sentiments and the sound of Daddy’s voice may be the one thing getting a child through their father’s deployment.

My husband is a Marine, and just returned not long ago from his 4th deployment, so this really hit home for us.

My 6 year old daughter wants to help this teddy bear get back to the child it belongs to. If you recognize this voice or this bear, please let us know so we can get it back! Maybe it was donated to Goodwill on accident, maybe it was left in a shopping cart….we don’t know the origin. We are in south/central Indiana, if that helps at all.

We hope he made it home safely from his deployment and he is with his family. We want to thank him for his service and the sacrifices he and his family have made for our freedom. THANK YOU!


“My husband is a Marine, and just returned not long ago from his 4th deployment, so this really hit home for us.”


Amanda is determined to find the bear’s owner and already has updates on their progress:

UPDATE: I contacted “Bday bears” and the lady I talked to said they are the manufacturer and they donate/ship to multiple places and the bears or other animals are NOT id’ed or tagged in any way 😞 they said there is also operation gratitude that buys these bears in bulk and ship to many soldiers overseas to record their own message and mail to their families. She said I honestly don’t think there’s anyway of tracking the bear as far as who bought it and when 😞

UPDATE#2: i may have a lead from a family in CA!!! I’ll keep y’all posted!! Thank y’all who posted, shared and showed interest in my post whether it came from FB, or news stations around the world! God bless y’all and fingers crossed we found the owners!!


While the owner still hasn’t been located, Amanda remains optimistic. Above all, she wants to get the bear back to the family who will cherish it for the true gift it really is. As a military wife herself, Amanda is so grateful for the sacrifices this man has made for his family and the country.

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