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homeless man stands in front of house

Volunteers Renovate Homeless Veteran’s Childhood House.

U.S. Air Force veteran Michael Malone has had a tough time in recent years.

Several of his family members—including his mother and his daughter—passed away within the same period. He inherited his mother’s house, but although Michael wanted to move back into his childhood home, he found the huge number of repairs required were too costly.

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After four years serving in the Air Force and 15 years in the reserves, Michael ended up in a homeless facility for retired veterans… until a team of compassionate volunteers heard his story.

Over 60 volunteers came together to make the home renovations Michael so desperately needed. The local Home Depot donated supplies so that the volunteers—alongside Michael himself—could restore the home Michael grew up in.

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“I’m excited for a fresh start in life,” Michael shared. “I’m touched by the generosity of people.” After living all over the country, Michael was excited to come back to the place that felt most like “home” for him.

Thanks to the volunteers, the house underwent a complete renovation with a complete bathroom remodeling, new floor installation, and repainting of the entire house.

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“I’m kind of overwhelmed” Michael said. “I’m happy, I’m sad in a sense that my mother won’t be here to experience this — this was her home.”

And the best part? Michael didn’t even know the volunteers who joined together to bring such a big hope and dream of his to life. He never imagined people would be able to give so much of themselves for a complete stranger, especially one who was labeled as homeless.

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“This just blows me away that there are people that are really truly that kind,” said Malone. “It absolutely restores my view of humanity.”

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