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Mascot Surprises Middle School Students At Lunch, Then Reveals His True Identity.

Do you remember your school’s mascot? Whatever it was, you probably had very little interaction with it since it usually only makes an appearance at sporting events or pep sessions.

The students at Decatur Middle School in Maryland were likely surprised to see their bulldog mascot walking around during lunchtime. Still, none of them were quite as shocked by the mascot’s rare appearance as one student, Madi.


In a video shared across the internet, the mascot is walking through the school’s cafeteria waving at students and trying to get high fives. In typical middle school fashion, many students are just too cool to high five the bulldog.

Eventually, he comes up to a table where two girls are sitting, and one, Madi, is eager to give him a well-deserved high five (being a mascot is hard work, after all!). The bulldog excitedly high fives the student before taking off his mask to reveal his identity.


It doesn’t take long for Madi to recognize the man under the mask. It is her dad who had just returned from seven months of active duty in the coast guard!


Madi reacts (adorably) as any kid would and jumps up to hug him. While most middle schoolers are mortified by their parents’ mere presence – let alone by a public hug – the two of them stay in a sweet embrace that probably still didn’t feel long enough to them. Meanwhile, Madi’s teachers and fellow students are applauding them as they reunite.


The video has gone viral across the internet and has been viewed, shared, and liked hundreds of thousands of times. People everywhere are loving the sweet interaction between father and daughter, and who can blame them? There is nothing better than a service person being reunited with the ones they love the most.

Watch the sweet surprise in the video below & be sure to share with your friends!

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