Bored Actress Is Spending Quarantine Reenacting Her Favorite Broadway Musicals.

There are as many different ways to pass the time during quarantine as there are people in the world.

Creative types like Mary Neely, an independent actress and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California, have been finding new and interesting ways to pass the time while staying safe inside their homes.


A lifelong musical theater fan, Mary is going viral for her unusual yet hilarious approach to keeping those creative juices flowing at home.

“Since I’m single in the quarantine I’ve decided to reenact moments from my favorite musicals so it feels like I’m in love — first is LES MISÉRABLES,” she posted on Twitter. Sure enough, the tweet included a video of Mary dressed up as both main characters in one of Broadway’s most beloved musicals: “Les Miserables.”

The internet immediately sat up and took notice, and that was all the encouragement she needed! Mary began uploading a new video of herself dressed as the romantic lead in all of her favorite musicals. She spends up to three hours filming each video, often performing each character’s part four or five times. Then she spends a few more hours editing to get the videos just right.

“Musicals were basically my religion growing up,” she explained. “At first, I was just doing it for my friends and family who know I love musical theater.”

Mary says the most difficult video to make so far has been “Phantom of the Opera.” “I fully spilled so much wax for candles, I really went all out and it was a nightmare to clean up but we did it.”

She has ransacked her wardrobe and wig collection to pull off each character, even using up all of her green eye shadow to paint her face green to portray Elphaba from “Wicked.” She’s made more than a dozen of the videos so far, and has no plans to stop anytime soon!

“This is perfect blend of all these parts of myself and of songs I used to sing to myself when I was alone when I was younger.”


We love what you’ve done here, Mary! Keep it up. You just never know what new great works and talents might be discovered during this difficult time in human history.

Check out Mary’s take on “Wicked” below, and don’t forget to share this story with a creative person who has some free time on their hands, too.

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