Mare Could Barely Keep Head Above Raging River, Then Brave Man Risks Life Going In After Her.

For two days in June 2013, heavy rains triggered flash flooding and landslides in India, wiping out roads, bridges and other infrastructure in the northern state of Uttarakhand. Hundreds of people were killed, and nearly 6,000 villagers who were initially reported missing were later presumed dead in the worst natural disaster to hit in nearly a decade.


The footage below shows just one of the dramatic rescues in the aftermath of the flooding. The camera first focuses on a mare that’s barely able to hold her head above the raging waters of a river in Sonprayag, India.


On a nearby riverbank, a group of men work together to save the terrified mare, which is immobilized beneath a fallen log as the unforgiving river rumbles past. One of the rescuers holds on to a rope attached to one end of the log and walks across the river to the mare, then uses a knife to cut away at whatever is keeping her lodged beneath the log.


Though the mare is freed from her trappings, the current is so strong that it almost pulls the helpless horse over the log and downriver. But during a second rescue effort, the man attaches one end of the rope to the horse’s bridle and she’s thankfully pulled to safety.

Watch the drama unfold in the video below, and share!

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