This Man Just Built The Only Accurate Solar System Model On Earth, What It Shows Is Astounding.

If you were to look at pictures of our solar system, you would see a wonderful view of all of our planets fitting together in a beautiful frame… but that is so far off from reality.  In fact, it’s very, very far off.


So, to fix the problem, Wylie Overstreet, his friend Alex Gorosh, and a group of scientist friends decided to build the first accurate real-life (physical) scale model of our solar system with complete planetary orbits. Never had this been done before… all other attempts had not accurately considered the sizes of the planets in relation to their distances apart.  But this group figured out that the diameter of the demonstration would be so large, it would take an entire desert to have enough open room.

Their project, To Scale, reveals what it would actually look like by taking residence in a dry lake-bed in Nevada. The video is astonishing and will definitely provides a sense of perspective to all of us.

Watch below to be amazed!

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