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man bottle-feed kittens

Man Wages An Adorable Battle With Kittens At Feeding Time.

It’s the same story throughout the animal kingdom: When babies are hungry, they’ll do whatever it takes to get fed.

And if that involves fighting tooth and claw over the bottle, puncturing the person who’s holding it and literally biting the hand that feeds them, then so be it. Of course, these little fluffballs are adorable, but even at this young age, they know it’s a kitten-eat-kitten world out there and they need to get while the gettin’s good.

man feeding kittens

You can just feel those needle-sharp claws piercing this poor man’s skin as the kittens scramble across his arms and over his shoulder in their race to the bottle. Four decide on the direct approach and climb up his legs and torso, while two others launch a sneak attack, opting instead for his back.

He suddenly finds himself surrounded on all sides until he’s virtually covered in kittens! (Honestly, there are worse things in life.)

man feeding kittens

“They’re leaving holes in my body,” he jokingly mutters.

But he maintains his composure, at least until the pain gets to be overwhelming and he has to lower all but one back to the ground.

man bottlefeeding kittens

“Ooooh, they hurt so bad, so bad,” he says, then turns his attention back to the ginger kitten that’s cupped in his hand.

But cats aren’t easily dissuaded from getting what they want, a stubbornness that rears its ugly head in kittenhood. Undaunted, the entire crew hops up on the man’s shirt and begins scaling his back and head, fueled by pure determination.

kitten climbing mans head

“You better hurry up, they’re coming, they’re coming!” the man says with a chuckle. Meanwhile, as chaos reigns on the porch step, the kittens’ mom is casually sitting a few feet away in the grass grooming herself.

mama cat

As some viewers have pointed out, these kittens certainly look old enough to just drink their formula out of a bowl, but there’s probably more to this story than the video shows. Others can’t get over the adorableness of it all, even though they can sympathize with what he’s going through:

kitten comments

Whatever the backstory is, the man’s finally had enough and starts plucking the little whippersnappers off his shirt and setting them on the ground.

“Quit fighting, quit now,” he says. “We’re going to have to act like little ladies and gentlemen if we’re going to do this, okay? Now I want you all to stay there and be good.”

That’s some mighty wishful thinking. Watch the battle continue in the video below, and share to spread smiles.

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Watch this man's epic battle as he feeds a horde of vicious kittensBy:

Posted by Lovely Laugh on Thursday, June 21, 2018