I Gave A Complete Stranger 1 Compliment & It Changed Everything For Me.

sina steele smile

Did you know you could be the reason somebody smiles today? Sounds like a lame motivational speech but it’s true.

I wanna tell you about this lady I met. I don’t know her name. I don’t know anything about her, really. All I know is she was in her 90s and was wearing the most fabulous yellow dress.

I caught a glimpse of her at a local music festival. I was just meandering along (I know what you’re thinking, nobody actually uses meandering in real life. Well, tough, I do today) looking at the food trucks, trying to decide what to eat.

Out of the hundreds of people milling around, she caught my eye. She carried herself with an elegance you don’t really see these days. I could see a lot of thought had gone into her outfit and she just looked beautiful.

I felt this whisper inside. “Go and tell her.”

Of course, I didn’t want to at first. It’s a little strange to approach strangers when there are a zillion other strangers around.

“Go and tell her.”

So I did. I walked up to this old, frail woman and I told her that she looked absolutely stunning and radiant.

And just like that, she smiled the biggest smile ever. I recognized it in an instant. Not because I recognized her — she was a complete stranger.

But the way her face beamed and the way she held her shoulders back and lifted her head a little higher — that was so familiar. It was the same way my big girl smiles when I have offered her resounding praise. It was the same way my husband stands a bit taller when I encouraged him. Her eyes shone in the same way my little girl’s do when I tell her what an amazing person she is.

And it was the same way that I, too, lift my head a little higher when my God encourages me.

Sometimes, we go about our day and if we’re not intentional, we can forget to look up and look other people in the eye.

We can get so caught up in our own business and worries and internal stuff going on that we forget there is a world out there starving for the right kind of attention. Starved of encouragement. Starved of inspiration. Starved of meaningful relationships. Starved of just one person to look them in the eye and tell them they are beautiful and full of purpose.

You can make so much more of an impact than you think.

Sina Steele

I wish I had captured a photo of that woman’s face the moment it lit up. Instead, I took this photo on my way back to the car. This flower, just like that woman’s beautiful yellow dress, stood out to me in a field full of weeds.

As one person, I can’t do much, but I can listen when God whispers gently to me. I can be an instrument of His love, even if it is just in one small way.

Friends, you really can be the reason somebody smiles today.

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