Rescuers Brave Summer Heat For 6 Hrs To Bring 120-Lb Labrador Safely Down Mountain.

Hiking in the blistering summer heat is hard enough for humans, but for some pets who can’t regulate their body temperatures as well, it can be incredibly dangerous.


Unfortunately for one man, he learned this lesson the hard way. On July 27, he took Leo, his yellow Lab, up Salt Lake City’s Mount Olympus trail. Hours later, the poor pup was in bad shape, but thanks to a selfless group of heroes, it didn’t take long for help to arrive!

The pair didn’t start hiking until 11 a.m., which meant temperatures quickly climbed into the 100s. As they neared the summit, Leo suddenly lay down and refused to move any farther. He was so dehydrated that he couldn’t get up, even after his dad gave him the last of their water. Clearly, it was time to call for help.

Close to a dozen volunteers from Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team dropped everything to save Leo!

They lugged water and rescue gear more than 3 miles up the mountain. When they arrived, they gave the 120-pound pup a much-needed drink, strapped him to a stretcher, and carried him down the trail.

The trip down took hours, but Leo and his rescuers got some relief when a thunderstorm passed by and cooled them off.

“Leo looked happy and relieved to be getting the help he needed to get hydrated and get off the mountain,” the team wrote on Facebook.

As for Leo’s dad, he was also dehydrated, but he felt well enough to walk down on his own.

A patrol car was waiting at the bottom to take Leo to a local vet. To everyone’s relief, he’s doing much better now!

“It looks like Leo is overcoming his heat exhaustion and his kidney function is returning back to normal, so he should be OK,” his rescuers wrote the next day. “The vet is trying to get him to walk around some more so he can go home soon.”

We’re so glad Leo is safe, and he is just one of many who has been found by the search and rescue team! Consider helping the volunteer-run nonprofit save more lives by donating here!

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