20 Hilarious Pics Of Kids Who Absolutely Hated Meeting Santa

It’s tough being a toddler. Learning the ABCs. Constantly being hungry. People stealing your maracas. You have to hug everyone. It’s a constant barrage of learnin’ and livin’.

Add to the fact you have to sit on the lap of a giant man with a beard in a red suit seconds after meeting him for the first time and early childhood can be down right terrifying.

We’ve all been there.

1. Here’s yours truly circa mid 80s.

I may look subdued but make no mistake, I’m in shock. It was Niagra Falls.

And while I never want to see a kid cry. Let’s be honest, it’s a little refreshing to see that this kind of behavior while meeting Santa for the first time is completely normal. The ‘tradition’ of taking pictures of children freaking out in front of Santa started long before I was born, and it will continue for decades to come.

Here’s proof.

2. Year: unknown


Is this Santa or a guy trying to kidnap these poor kids?

3. 1970


This kid just let the freak out happen openly.

4. 1972


The ‘shock’ face x 3.

5. 1976


You think candy is going to help make this situation better, dude?!

6. 1977


When you either know you’re too old to sit on Santa’s lap or you first realize this guy isn’t who he says he is.

&. 1985


I have way too many questions.

8. Year: Unknown


Just remember to breathe.

9. 1993


That’s not a look you want to see on Christmas, ever.

10. Year: Unknown


The look of pure desperation and the look of blissful ignorance.

11. 2002


Bless her lil’ heart.

13. Year: Unknown


R: having a lovely time. M: ‘cheese.’ L: I DON’T WANT TO DIE

14. 2013


The look when you just can’t take it anymore!

15. 2015


When you’ll do anything. ANYTHING. To get out of the current situation. And your siblings are loving it.

16. 2016


Twins = x 2 the fun.

17. 2016


Either he’s passed out because he fell asleep waiting in line or that’s a result of shock.

18. 2016


No way I’m letting my kids go anywhere near this ‘santa!’

19. Year: Unknown


The look of pure disgust.

20. 2017



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