Groom Brings Stepdaughter To Tears With Emotional Vows He Wrote Just For Her.

Marrying somebody with children means embracing the family as a whole, and committing to love each member as one of your own.

Stepparents are often portrayed in fairy tales as cruel, unloving villains who couldn’t care less about their spouse’s children. But when it comes to his new stepdaughter, nine-year-old Olivia, Jimmy Gisondi is the polar opposite. Jimmy married Olivia’s mom, Kelsea Jewart Gisondi, on November 2 in Horsham, Pennsylvania. And on the big day, he had two sets of vows to share.

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During the ceremony, Jimmy made a beautiful promise to Olivia. Abigail Gingerale Photography captured the touching moment he recited the vows he’d written for the little girl. By the time he finished, everyone had tears in their eyes. But nobody cried harder than Olivia that day.

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“Olivia, from this day forward, I promise to remind you every day how truly loved you are,” Jimmy said. “I promise to teach, guide, and respect you for the rest of our days. I promise to never treat you anything less than my own child.”

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“I’m very happy to say that you’re my daughter,” he continued, choking up. “From this day forward, you will truly be my daughter and the other love of my life. I love you, Olivia.”

They were the words Olivia always wanted to hear. And when they came, she couldn’t help but break down.

“It was a very emotional moment for our families it’s something everyone knew Olivia needed and wanted so badly. And that was her time,” Kelsea told GMA. “Olivia isn’t a very emotional person so seeing her like that just confirmed we all knew how much this just really meant to her.”

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Jimmy sealed his promise with a gift — a necklace for Olivia. All of it meant the world to the mother and daughter, who couldn’t be happier with their new family.

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Jimmy is going to be an incredible dad. In fact, he’s already proven he is! We wish this family nothing but the best as they start their new lives together.

Listen as Jimmy vows to be the dad Olivia needs in the video below. Share to spread the love to all the wonderful stepparents out there!

Groom recites vows to 9-year-old stepdaughter, bringing whole wedding to tears

SOUND ON: After saying his wedding vows to his bride, this man turned to his 9-year-old stepdaughter and recited vows to her too, making a promise that brought her to tears ??

Posted by The Uplift on Monday, November 11, 2019

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