Mom Wrapped Him Up Like A Mummy, When I Found Out Why My Hea...

Mom Wrapped Him Up Like A Mummy, When I Found Out Why My Heart Simply Broke

According to his family, James Dunn is the most positive person they’ve ever known. His strength of spirit pours from a broken body that would leave most of us debilitated.

The 22-year-old was born with a rare skin condition which is the equivalent of living with perpetual 3rd degree burns. It is a pain that is excruciating.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) causes terrible blistering and hurt with even the slightest trauma to the skin. Daily activities like eating and dressing are all but impossible… but James pushes through.

“When you grow to be positive, the more obstacles you face, the more troubles in life that come to you the more positive you get, the more happy you get. You come out on the end smiling, no matter what happens.”

Check out his incredible story in the video below… James is a light to us all.

Warning: Some people may find the footage below graphic due to his skin condition.

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