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Dad Giving Interview During MLB Game Goes Wild When Son Hits 1st Home Run.

For a parent whose child is involved in baseball, the sport very quickly becomes a huge part of their life between games, practices, and travel. Baseball parents become deeply invested in their child’s passion and they all hope that one day their little athlete will make it to the big leagues.

This year, Isan Diaz got his dream of playing in the majors when he landed a spot playing for the Miami Marlins. During his debut game, a sports reporter was interviewing Isan’s parents, who proved that no matter how old and professional a baseball kid is, his parents will always show up with pride to cheer him on.


In a video shared by the Miami Marlins, Isan walks up to the home plate for his first at-bat in the major leagues. The camera cuts to a split screen with one side showing the play and the other side focused on an interview with Isan’s dad.

All is well at the beginning of the interview, but dad is clearly multi-tasking because even though he’s talking to the interviewer, he keeps an eye on his son so he doesn’t miss his first at-bat. Then, Isan gets a hit off one of the best pitchers in MLB – and it’s a home run!


Isan’s family jumps up and starts cheering him on. His dad can be heard yelling in celebration through the interviewer’s microphone. As the camera pans the stands, you can see the immense support Ian has. All the while, his dad is still yelling and his mom can hardly contain herself.


After the play, Isan’s dad sits back down to continue the interview, but the entire vibe has changed. He’s clearly not focused on TV anymore, he is simply proud to be there supporting his kid’s dream – what they’ve likely been working toward since his son was very young.

Later, Isan posted to his social media saying that it was the “best day of his life” and a “dream come true”. He was sure to mention his gratitude for his family for supporting him, too.


Isan’s dad is lucky, because his son’s dream allows him to sit in the stands and witness it first hand. His reaction and pride is something any parent would love to do for their child when they achieve a big career goal – it’s just that businesses generally have pretty strict rules when it comes to spectators cheering in the office.

Watch the Isan’s parents’ adorable reaction to his home run in the video below – and don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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