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Travelers Having Breakfast Get Surprised By Humpback Whales Breaching Just Feet Away.

Nestled in the mountains of coastal British Columbia, Great Bear Lodge in Port Hardy offers its guests several different ways to view the bears, otters, and other wildlife that surrounds them, including sea planes and kayaks.

On its Facebook page, the lodge boasts crystal-clear snapshots of bears carrying hapless fish in their mouths, seals sunning themselves on offshore rocks, and guests gathered around campfires with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. But the view from the self-contained floating lodge itself ain’t too shabby, either…

great bear lodge

Especially for a group of guests lodging there last week. They were gathered on the deck having breakfast when a group of humpback whales sidled up just yards away and showed them how breakfast is really done! A short video shows a group of women freaking out as they watch widening circle of bubbles burbling up from the depths.

bubbles in water

The whales were bubble net feeding, a technique that involves circling beneath a school of fish and blowing bubbles, which forces them upward. These guests can’t believe what they’re witnessing, but they stay almost completely silent — the slightest noise would surely break the magical spell that brought them to this moment.

And then it happens, the moment they’ve all been waiting for: The whales breach!

whales breaching

“We’ve had humpbacks close to the lodge before, but never quite this close! I guess they wanted to check out Lena’s delicious breakfast,” the lodge wrote in a Facebook post.

humpback whale fb comment

“They were so lucky! How often do you get to see a humpback whale feeding next to you when you are wearing a bathrobe?” the lodge wrote, adding an otter sighting later in the day kind of paled in comparison.

Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Check it out in the video below, and share if this makes you want to go out and book your own wildlife viewing trip!