Hiker Rescues Kitten From -20 Degree Weather Without A Hytch — And Falls In Love!

small kitten named hytch crawling on a tree with snow

Sometimes, without even trying to find them, the right person comes out of nowhere and changes your life.

For Max Adams, that person was a lost, freezing kitten. He happened upon the poor thing while he was hiking in Alberta, Canada, but he wasn’t hiking just for fun – it was all for a good cause.

“This year was a little bit different for me,” Max said. “In the last 15 months my best friend was diagnosed with colon cancer. He’s only 40. And my grandpa, he passed away in February to cancer as well.”

These life changing events are what led Max and his friends to getting involved in Movember, an annual event in November that raises awareness for men’s issues. Through their hiking journey, they planned to raise money to provide financial aid for suicide prevention, mental health, and cancer.

Their plan was great, but the 60,000 kilometer (around 37,282 mile) trek was no walk in the park, especially at -20 degrees. This frigid weather was all the more reason why Max was shocked when he discovered a small kitten climbing on a frozen, snow covered tree. The only reason he was able to find him was because the kitten had been screaming so loudly.

Even though the kitten was scared, he quickly warmed up to Max and refused to leave his side. Convinced that this little guy belonged to someone who lived nearby, he took a detour from his original journey to complete the rescue mission. All the while, he kept his followers on social media up-to-date with his journey.

“Should I call him – I can’t name him yet, I gotta find his owner,” he said in a video he shared. “If I name him, I’ll get attached to him, you know? I’m holding it off.”

Sure enough, Max soon found the owners of the lost kitten. He had gone missing the night of the huge snowstorm and, despite their best efforts, they couldn’t find him once things calmed down.

“They looked high and low, everywhere for him, all around the farm, really upset,” Max said. “And after three days they kind of just figured maybe a coyote got him or something. They had this little daughter, they got a new kitten right away because she was so upset.”

Because they had already adopted a new kitten, and Max had developed such a strong bond with the one he found, they were happy to let the two stay together for good! And with the help of his followers, he was finally able to name the kitty he couldn’t even allow himself to imagine he’d get to keep: Hytch.

“They just wanted a happy home for this guy,” Max said. “That’s what this guy is… he is just a reminder that where you start out and where you end, you really don’t have any control over. You just gotta roll with the punches and keep an open and positive mindset to everything.”

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