Photo Of Dying Bride Goes Viral, Now Photog Shares Touching Story Behind It.

A talented photographer named Christina Lee Karas recently shared a beautiful story of true love despite tragic circumstances through a series of wedding photos.

The photos feature one of Christina’s best friends, a woman who wouldn’t let stage four cancer keep her from marrying the love of her life.

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As Christina shared

One of my dearest friends got married this past Friday, December 22nd, to the man of her dreams. She had been battling stage 4 cancer and it had spread all throughout her body, but she was determined to marry her soul mate.

The friend, Heather, had a beautiful ceremony, with Christina right there to capture every moment as both her photographer and bridesmaid.

The love between Heather and Dave, her groom, was present in every photograph.


Christina not only captured Heather and Dave’s relationship, she also caught a tender moment between mother and daughter.

Heather’s mom, Linda Lindsay, poured out light, love and support on Heather and all of us who were there with her. The amount of strength her mom showed could only be possible because of her unwavering faith in God, despite the certainty she would lose her only daughter on this earth.


Her outpouring of selfless love reminded me of Heather’s reaction to tragedy in other’s lives. Heather has shown me this same care when I was in a very dark and hopeless place. She learned this language of love from her family and was able to comfort others in this same way. Like mother like daughter.

Sadly, less than 24 hours after the ceremony, Heather passed away.

“Heather chose to spend her last hours celebrating surrounded by people she loved and who loved her,” wrote Christina.


It was hard for Christina, but she didn’t regret capturing these moving images.

“Standing in front of everyone in the chapel, I was hesitant to pull out my camera. As someone who wanted nothing more than to see my friend truly happy, I felt I had to capture these images, which by this point I knew were her final moments with us. What you clearly see here is two people who were destined to be joined as one. A love like no other captured for all to see. My gift to her.”


No doubt all who love Heather are grateful for these photographs, which will be remembered as a loving tribute to two people in love.

“I am in awe of the strength Dave’s love inspired in Heather even in her last hours. She was his great love and he was hers. I pray these moments give Dave the same strength now to carry on the legacy of their love.

Heather, you are greatly missed. The earth froze as the warmth of your light ascended to be with God for eternity. Until we meet again my dear friend. Watch over us.”

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