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Kids Surprise Mom With Adorable Happy Dance After Watching Her Defend Dissertation.

It takes an incredibly smart and determined individual to juggle school, work, and parenting.

For Candace Hall, it’s been tough, but her family has been with her every step of the way. The 31-year-old has been working toward her doctorate in higher education for two years, so when she was preparing to defend her dissertation, everyone — especially her three adorable kids — wanted to celebrate her amazing accomplishments.

hall family

When the time finally came for Candace to defend her massive project at Maryville University in Missouri in September, she was ready. She walked confidently into her school, wearing a cute custom shirt with the saying, “Dissertatin N What Not,” printed on the front.

Her kids were in the audience, and to her surprise, all three sat quietly and behaved themselves. That’s because 7-year-old Edwyn, 6-year-old Bailey, and 4-year-old Avery had something special planned for their hardworking mom.

candace's dissertation defense

The children’s godmother and Candace’s best friend had secretly helped them choreograph an adorable celebration dance. So when Candace headed out of the conference room after hearing she’d succeeded, she was greeted by the sweetest sight ever!

dissertation defense dance

Edwyn, Avery, and Bailey were standing in front of her, dancing to “We Did It” by rapper 1K Phew.

dissertation defense dance

When they finished their precious dance, they also held up handmade signs that read, “We did it,” “Dr. Mom,” and “I love you, Mom.”

dissertation defense dance

Candace thought it was the perfect reward for all her hard work! “I was shocked they were actually able to keep this all a secret because my kids talk a lot!” Candace told People. “I was so proud.”

Later, Candace posted a video of the performance on Twitter, and it quickly went viral. It even caught the attention of 1K Phew, who retweeted the video!

hall family celebrate

With such a great role model, it’s no wonder Candace’s children are so thoughtful. Congratulations, soon-to-be Dr. Hall. You did it!

Watch the children cheer for Candace with the happiest of dances in the clip below, and share to congratulate her for this incredible achievement!

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