Grandpa Has Greatest Reaction When He Realizes Prank Birthday Cake Is Actually Styrofoam

It’s said that a laugh can be contagious and there’s nothing funnier than a good ol’ fashioned birthday prank. One elderly man’s laugh after falling victim to his family’s shenanigans is so infectious you will not be able to stop yourself from ‘catching it’.

The hilarious viral video uploaded by America’s Funniest Home Video this week already has over 1.5 million views. The older you get, each birthday you celebrate, gets more and more precious. You appreciate the small things, your family, and another year of life. In this video, an old man gets a birthday surprise that sends him into a roll of laughter that his family probably never expected.

Birthday Prank - Featured 3

Gathered with his daughter and granddaughter, the birthday boy looks forward to cutting his cake as his family sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to him… but there’s a problem — the cake won’t seem to cut. The old man seems a bit frustrated as he keeps trying to cut into the cake to no avail.

His sly family giggles watching his attempts to slice the pastry. His daughter gives him a hand and begins to remove icing from the cake with the knife.

“Don’t take it off like that,” the confused man says.

The daughter tells the old man to touch the cake with his finger and reveals the big prank — the cake is made of styrofoam!

The prank sends the old man into a cackling laugh that will for sure put a smile on your face.

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