Son Sneaks Newborn To Mom’s House & Films Their Emotional First Meeting.

Is there anything sweeter than the love a grandmother has for her grandchildren?

Many grandparents live and breathe for their grand kids, and being able to spend quality time with their family members usually becomes a top priority as they get older. But when you don’t live close by your adult children, it can be frustrating and heart wrenching not to be able to see your precious grandchildren. After all kids grow up so fast, you’d hate to miss a second!

Grandma meets granddaughter for first time

In a viral video that is sure to tug at your heartstrings, we meet “Mimi,” a grandmother who has spent several long months waiting to meet her brand new grandbaby. Thankfully, her kids have arranged a sweet surprise for Mimi, and her reaction is moving us all to tears of joy!

Her kids secretly arranged to fly in to Atlanta with their infant daughter. Everyone is in on it, arranging to pick up the family at the airport and bring them to Mimi’s house, all without telling her a word. When she opens up her door to find the baby sitting there in a car seat, her face is the epitome of shock. That shock quickly turns to delight when she registers what her eyes are seeing.


Mimi bursts into tears, but wastes no time scooping up the car seat and bringing her granddaughter into her kitchen, where she can see her better.


As the family cat and Mimi’s other, older grandkids come into the kitchen to inspect the baby, Mimi can’t keep her emotions from going overboard. We can’t blame her a bit! Look at that adorable little face!

“When did this happen?” She asks tearfully.


“This is the best present I’ve ever had in my life,” she says reverently before plucking the baby from the seat for some seriously overdue cuddles.


“Surprise, Mimi!” Another child sings as she enters the room. You can tell Mimi has no plans to put down that baby anytime soon, which is good because the rest of the family announces that she’s babysitting tonight while the rest of them go out to eat!


Mimi’s reaction is just too pure. Anyone who has a loving grandmother like this is lucky, plain and simple!

Watch her adorable reaction to meeting her granddaughter for the very first time below, and don’t forget to share with someone who would react the same way!