Bride Devastated When Granddad Couldn’t Make Wedding, But Bursts Into Tears When She Hears His Voice.

Weddings are an emotional occasion to begin with, but this celebration in particular pulled on everyone’s heart strings… and it’s all thanks to granddad.

Because the bride’s grandfather wasn’t able to travel to the wedding, he planned an unforgettable surprise (in cahoots with her sister). Before giving his speech, one of the wedding party guests says he something to do first. He then pulls out his cell phone, dials a number and puts it on speaker.

Then the phone was placed near the bride with the mic for all to hear. She started tearing up instantly, placing her hand over her mouth. The man on the other line was granddad.

“Hello,” grandad began. She asked him how he was, to which he replied in classic grandad fashion, “I’m just doing real well for an old geezer.” After some chuckling, he began giving her his wisdom from over 70 years of marriage under his belt.

I will say with very strong conviction that tolerance for each leads to a lasting joy. My faith is important, and I’m not preaching, I’m just speaking from experience. Sometimes when things get pretty tough you something to kind of bolster you and carry you and I think the Lord has done that for me many, many times.

Then, after an emotional pause, grandad finishes the toast off in classic form, asking, “Is there any questions you’d like to ask me?”.

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