Goodwill Employee Finds $39K In Donated Purse — Immediately Thinks She’s Being Punked.

goodwill purse reward

In early August, an assistant store manager at a Goodwill location in Long Island, New York, discovered a black purse among some recent donations and set it aside. Most purses that have been donated have already been emptied, but this one was hefty — quite hefty.

When Kindell Keyes peered inside, she was shocked to discover envelope after envelope — all filled with cash. Each one that she opened had been separated into different denominations. The grand sum total? A whopping $39,000.

Kindell “thought okay, I’m getting punked.”


A lot of people might have pocketed at least some, if not all, of the cash. But not Kindell — she’d been raised better than that, and besides, “I believe in karma. You do good, good things happen to you.”

Another employee, Maria Torres, noticed an address in Queens written on one of the envelopes and went to speak with some neighbors. Apparently, the homeowner had recently passed away, but two of her grandsons had recently been at the house sorting through her belongings.

After obtaining the number for one of the brothers, Maria got in touch to let him know about Kindell’s incredible discovery, and one of the grandsons traveled from California back to New York last month to collect the money.


That man, Bryan, said his grandmother grew up in the Depression and had a habit of squirreling away valuables around the house.

“I was actually very grateful that there are people in the world that are honest and it humbles me,” he added.


Bryan made his comments during a ceremony in which Kindell was not just recognized, but rewarded for her honesty. The commendation included a $3,900 bonus or 10 percent of the total amount she discovered that day in early August. Way to go!

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