Little Girl Mimics Dad’s Reaction To Basketball Game In Adorable Home Video.

daughter mimic dad

As you’re well aware if you’ve raised your own tiny humans, parents have to watch everything they do and say around their little ones.

Because, well, children absolutely love repeating whatever they see and hear, especially if it’s coming from Mom or Dad. This habit can prove very troublesome if, for example, it involves overhearing swear words. But in the case of Kimberley and Jarell Tuller’s daughter, Amara, it made for one seriously adorable and entertaining video.

daughter see daughter do

Jarell and Amara recently enjoyed some quality father-daughter time on the couch, watching the NBA playoffs. As Jarell grew more and more frustrated at the game, Amara followed suit in her own game of “daughter see, daughter do.” Amused, Kimberley couldn’t help but record, sharing the footage on Instagram.

“Come on man,” Jarrel says, addressing the TV. “Come on!”

Amara yells out the same words seconds later, proud to sound just like her dad. But unlike Jarell, she’s grinning.

daughter see daughter do

Again, Jarell expresses his frustration with the referee.

“It’s a foul, man!” he shouts, punching the air as Amara raises her arms to do the same.

daughter see daughter do

And again, the pint-sized cutie repeats after Dad with her own adorably garbled imitation. It’s clear she’s having a blast, though she certainly doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

daughter see daughter do

Then, finally fed up with the game at this point, Jarell shrieks, “What?!”

This time, little Amara screams when she repeats the demand, holding out her arms in a sassy gesture to match.

daughter see daughter do

Thought the clip lasted less than 30 seconds, it had hundreds cracking up and gushing over Amara’s precious Dad-inspired reactions.

“This felt like I was watching a sitcom,” one viewer wrote. “Y’all are amazing.”

We can’t be the only ones who’ve hit replay more than once! It’s obvious Amara adores her dad and wants to be just like him when she grows up. The bond they share is too cute!

Watch as this daddy’s girl learns how to critique sports from the best below, and share to give other parents a good laugh.

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