Pediatrician of 30 Years Has Figured Out How To Calm Any Crying Baby. His Technique Is Truly Amazing.

Who doesn’t love cradling a pudgy, pink-faced and wide-eyed baby? They’re cute and will pretty much love anyone who’s there (with some exceptions).


The only problem is when the little nuggets decide it’s time to make life difficult. There’s potty problems and other accidents, but we’re here to talk about the never-ending attack of tears. You know the ones. When your baby starts whaling (for no apparent reason) and it seems like anything you could possibly think of to do still wouldn’t keep them from crying.

Well, a pediatrician with 30 years of practice, Dr. Robert C. Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics, has solved that mystery. The solution is so simple yet it’s flawless… and it’s called “The Hold.” Dr. Hamily will definitely feel the love from new mothers everywhere!

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