For Better Or Worse… 15 Memes That Perfectly Capture The Hilarities Of Marriage.

meme that tells men to start putting shoes on now when wife says, "when you get a chance."

Let’s face it, there’s a big difference between a pair of newlyweds and a couple that has been married for a decade or more.


People tend to change and grow over time, and relationships can (and should!) grow right along with them. That means our idea of a romantic evening or sweet gesture might look a bit different than it did all those years ago. We used to cherish getting a bouquet of roses; now, we’re just thrilled when our partner unloads the dishwasher!

Check out the marriage memes below for some very funny insight into what makes married couples tick.

1. Organization and planning are sooo attractive.

2. Priorities have a tendency to shift over time.

3. Don’t so much as drape a leg over our side of the bed!

4. This is the action of a brave, brave human being.

5. There are lots of different ways to take care of each other.

6. There’s no time like the present to do our partner’s bidding. Chop chop!

7. It’s a bold strategy, but we think she pulled it off admirably. (We’re totally stealing this move, by the way!)

8. It’s a tale as old as time.

9. We saw this one coming. How did he not?

10. The first time was just a trial run.

11. Why is this such a universal truth of married life? Too many streaming options?

12. There’s a method to this person’s madness. (Stealing this idea, too!)

13. This is the opposite of what you’re supposed to do.

14. Which one are you?

15. It’s only a matter of time!

These married folks totally get it! As much as we love to poke fun at our partners, we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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