french fry steps

Baby Girl Takes First Steps When Dad Lures Her With Tasty French Fries.

All parents reach a point when they realize they’re not above a little light bribery when it comes to getting their kids to do something.

Whether it’s the promise of ice cream after a shot at the doctor’s office or doling out M&Ms to get a toddler to (finally!) start using the potty, every parent has a story about coercing their kids into action using a rewards-based system. Ben Hayman, the father of identical twin daughters Milla and Evie, totally gets it! And just like the rest of us, he is not above using a favorite food to get results.


Ben recently shared a hilarious video on Instagram of himself coaxing little Evie to take her first steps… by luring her with a french fry.

“Amazing what girls will do for food,” he said on YouTube.


The little girl takes a tentative step, looks at daddy, laughs, and then focuses right in on that delicious fried potato goodness!


Who among us hasn’t been enticed into taking a walk with the promise of delicious french fries? We totally understand, Evie! This is a girl after our own hearts!

Watch the adorable video below, and don’t forget to share it with someone who would do anything for junk food.