FAQs For The InspireMore Creator Network.

InspireMore Creator Network

Q: What is InspireMore?

If you don’t know already, four years ago, we started our site with a simple idea: We’re tired of bad news! That’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to sharing only inspiring stories. As an uplifting online publisher, we spotlight tales about everyday heroes, enduring love, playful animals, epic adventures, funny parenting anecdotes, incredible weight loss transformations, and much more! Our latest step in building the most inspiring corner of the web is our Creator Network where experienced writers like you can join us in our mission to spread positivity.

Q: What is the InspireMore Creator Network?

The Creator Network is a place where talented creatives can showcase their work and join InspireMore in its mission to brighten the world through uplifting content. We all have something wonderful to say, whether it’s the secret wisdom to your happy marriage, a heartwarming tale of how your rescue animal saved your life, a funny story about parenting, or a random act of kindness you witnessed (or performed!). Whatever your story is, we want to hear it! Join InspireMore and add your voice to the most impactful community online.

Q: How do I use the platform?

Good question. We made a whole article that guides you through creating content, sourcing photos, and more! Check it out here.

Q: How do I start writing?

It’s really simple, we promise! Just apply for an account here. If your application is approved, you’ll be prompted to fill out your profile information. Once finished, click Add New Article.

Q: What should I write about… what’s InspireMore looking for?

We want the InspireMore Creator Network to continue fostering the most uplifting place on the web, so when you’re writing, keep that in mind. We don’t want to put anyone down or make others feel bad. We do want to hear your story, your thoughts, your life experiences.

Tell us about a time you went after your dreams, reached for the stars. Talk about your weight loss journey; share a time you lost a loved one and what helped you get through it; tell us about a time you performed a random act of kindness — or witnessed one. We want to hear it all. Your voice could be the one to change a reader’s life for the better!

Q: How long should my story be?

How long do you want it to be? We don’t want to tell you how to communicate yourstory — it all depends on what you have to say! Generally, though, our articles are at least 300 words long and can go all the way up to 900 words. As an example, this is an opinion piece about marriage and this is a first-person parenting story. As you can see, our articles feature a mixture of text, photos, videos, and even gifs. Most importantly, they’re uplifting, emotional, and compelling. If you have any specific questions, you can always reach out to us here and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: What happens when I hit “Publish”?

Here’s why you should always make sure you’re ready to publish before hitting the button — you won’t be able to edit your work from that point on, unless it’s sent back with feedback.

Your story will immediately go live to our site’s Community page! Our awesome editorial team will still look over posts to make sure they meet our editorial guidelines — for instance, we stay out of politics, don’t curse, and are not controversial or salacious. (We can all agree, there’s enough of that on the web already!)

If our editors have any questions or feedback, we’ll get in touch. Otherwise, you’ll be able to share your story immediately and will get notifications if it is shared to our homepage, in our daily email, or to social media.

Q: Community Guidelines & Policies

InspireMore’s goal is to brighten the world and spread hope by building a vibrant brand and community that people turn to daily for inspiration. The world can be a dark place and our passion is finding those pockets of light and bringing them out into the open, showcasing them so people know that there is good in the world.

Because of this, we have a few rules that our InspireMore Creator Network members should know and follow to ensure that our site remains positive, uplifting, and filled with love.

Graphic Content / Profanity

InspireMore makes it a policy to not cover stories with graphic content or profanity. However, if there is a story that is determined to be worthy of coverage, the editorial team will provide a warning before the content that allows readers to exit out off the page. If profanity appears in quotes it is either replaced with a less offensive word in brackets or taken out with a colored line or blur.


Copying another person’s work to be passed off as your own material is not tolerated. You may quote sources and link back to the original article, or ask for permission to use other people’s work, but if any plagiarism is found or claims of plagiarism are made, we will launch an immediate internal review of the story in question.


InspireMore has no political affiliations and avoids in all its forms the appearance of bias.

We never want to put anyone down, slander another person, or shame anyone. Keep it inspiring.

Bottom line: We aim to uplift and unite, not exclude, divide, or depress. Because of this, we do not share stories that create controversy, are divisive or click-baity. We want to remain neutral on topics that could alienate people with viewpoints not expressed in the article. **We reserve the right to un-publish and edit articles published on InspireMore.**

Q: Can you change my work?

Since you have the ability to publish stories immediately, we have added a “Report Post” function to every article. Readers can report a post if they find anything off. Our editors will review it for our Community Guidelines and if we want to make changes or remove it, we retain the right to do so.

If there are bigger changes like removing paragraphs or altering the story’s flow, we’ll send it back with feedback or revisions. You’ll be able to review and change things, before publishing it again.

Bottom line, if our editors want to make more impactful edits, we’ll always send it back to double check that you’re okay with everything. This is your story to tell, after all, not ours.

Q: Do I get paid for my story?

We’re so glad you asked! Short answer is Yes! Every single day, we work hard to raise money for a worthy charitable organization with our Cause of the Month. When we got to thinking about the Creator Network, it only made sense to offer a portion of our revenue to those who are contributing to it. That’s why we devised the below revenue-share model.

While some online publishers only pay a flat rate per post (or not even at all!), we want to show our members that we really love them. With this model, your story has unlimited earning potential over its lifetime. It could take off immediately and go viral, or it could be a slow burn… but either way, you have the opportunity to earn money from it as long as people continue to visit it! How cool is that?!

If we share your story on our social pages or in our daily newsletter, you’ll earn money on those pageviews, too! PLUS, we’ll throw in little incentives for our Creator Network members like exciting giveaways, contests, and other cool perks as you continue to write and share your work.

When will you get paid?
We pay all eligible Creators on Net 30 terms.

This means if you earned $100 for pageviews driven in November, you will be paid within 30 days after the end of November (i.e. by December 30th). We hope to be able to pay our Creators more quickly in the future and will work to make this possible.

*Note: You must have accrued at least $15 in a given month to meet our minimum threshold to receive payment.

Q: Can I publish stories I’ve written elsewhere?

Absolutely! When you’re creating a post on InspireMore, just toggle the option on the right-hand side to indicate it’s been published before and tell us where. As long as the piece is yours, and you still have the rights for it (i.e. you didn’t sell it to another site), you can re-publish your story on InspireMore.

Q: Who owns the rights to my story?

Great question – you do! You put time and effort into your words and we’re just so grateful you’re willing to share them with us and our readers. If you write an original story on InspireMore, feel free to share it elsewhere, but we simply ask that you include a link-back to use wherever you syndicate it.

Q: How long does it take for my article to get published?

Good news! You now have control over publication. Once you’ve written your story, saved it, previewed, and made sure everything looks good, you can publish directly to our site. The story will go live on InspireMore.com/Community. We still retain the right to remove or edit stories if they don’t abide by our community guidelines. Our editors will constantly be looking over the Community page for stories to feature on our homepage, social media, and in our daily email Morning Smile.

Q: Should I share my story on social?

Absolutely! Yes. Definitely. (Can you tell we’re excited about that?!) We always encourage you to share your work across your channels. This will help your story get noticed, increase your reach, build your brand, and work towards unlocking Paid Status! Plus, writing on InspireMore and sharing your story comes with fun incentives like prizes, contests, and giveaways!

Q: Will my story be shared on InspireMore’s Facebook page?

Great question. Every story will be published to our website’s Community page and editors’ picks/top performers will be shared to our homepage, in our daily email, Morning Smile, and across our various social channels, including our Facebook page!

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