Elvis The Donkey Leaves Family Mystified When They Discover His Secret Napping Spot.

It ain’t easy being a baby, especially one who’s only been alive for a couple weeks. Taking in all those new sights, smells and sounds, then getting acquainted with family and friends – it takes a lot of energy and can be overwhelming. And to make matters worse, people can’t seem to stop fawning over you even when you’re trying to catch a quick nap. What’s a two-week-old to do?

Elvis, an adorable baby donkey, came up with the perfect solution.


His owner was a little concerned when he came out one morning and the newest addition to the family was nowhere to be found.

But the concern didn’t rise to panic right away, because the farmer knew that little Elvis had a habit of knocking out wherever he happened to be at and whatever he happened to be doing at the time. Like those adorable photos you see sometimes of puppies and kittens falling asleep in the middle of their food bowls.


So the farmer set off to go find him. His anxiety went up several notches when he discovered his little donkey was not in his usual places.

Elvis. Was. Not. In. The. House. Or barn. Or pasture. So he headed back to the house, maybe to call the local search-and-rescue team, when he noticed something odd about the front porch hammock.

What’s this?


Most people can’t resist a hammock. Neither, apparently, can donkeys.


So the case of the missing donkey was resolved, but how he managed to get in there in the first place will likely remain a mystery.

Watch the short clip below to see this sweet little guy’s new nesting spot, and share to spread some laughs!

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