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Scared Little Girl Heading To Surgery Lights Up When She Sees Her Ride.

Going through surgery is scary enough for adults. But for children, being surrounded by unfamiliar faces and strange medical equipment is often way more stressful and frightening.

That’s why one hospital does things differently when it comes to their pediatric surgical program. Not only are their tiny patients smiling before surgery, but they’re going to the operating room in style.

tiny patient rides in style to surgery

Last year, staff at Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California, figured out a way to make the experience more fun for their small patients — riding into surgery in cute little cars. So they brought in a mini black Mercedes car to the children’s ward and it turned out to be a huge hit. This year, they added an adorable pink Volkswagen Beetle, which was generously donated by one of their employees.

“These sweet rides take our smallest patients to the operating room,” the hospital wrote on Facebook. “The goal is to reduce anxiety and stress, and make the experience less scary for everyone involved. Doesn’t hurt to have options, right?”

tiny patient rides in style to surgery

Pediatric patients can even listen to music on their way, as both cars have working stereos and pre-loaded MP3 players. “We can see the stress and anxiety melt away when they hop in the car,” the hospital added.

The kids weren’t the only ones who fell in love with the idea. The medical center shared a precious video of one patient going for a drive in the Beetle and the public gushed over the thoughtful gesture. One viewer even offered to donate another car!


facebook comments

Turning tears and frowns into laughs and joy is such an amazing thing to do for someone else. Our hats are off to this wonderful medical center for helping children go through such a stressful event with smiles on their faces.

Watch as one little girl takes the Beetle for a spin in the clip below, and share to spread her infectious grin.

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