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Dad Who Never Smiled Because Of Ugly Teeth Breaks Down After Dentist’s Surprise.

For many, a trip to the dentist is hardly a call for celebration. All the poking, prodding, and drilling often musters less than desirable emotions of pain or at a minimum discomfort…

But one dentist in Texas made sure his patient’s trip to see him was not only enjoyable but he walked away with a brand-new outlook on life — free of charge.

dillon moore

Dr. Kenny Wilstead, owner of Marshall Family Dental, specializes in repairing damaged smiles. He wrote about his experience with Dillon on Facebook:

A year ago, I was surfing Facebook and came across Dillon Moore’s profile page and saw he wasn’t smiling in any pic…I offered my services to fix his smile and he said that he had so many issues and was hopeful to get them fixed but was unable to get off work….he completely forgot about me while an entire year went by and then he got a tooth ache. His boss chose to send him to my office to get his back tooth pulled and gave him a day off to do it.

dillon moore and kids

I remembered who he was when I saw him AND I remembered what I offered him a year ago…he didn’t recognize that it was me who made that offer but i decided to make good on it either way. I secretly numbed way more of his mouth than normal for a single tooth extraction🤫 and then i proceeded to do an entire smile makeover without him knowing.

After two hours in the dentist’s chair, Dillon held a hand mirror to his face and saw what Dr. Kenny had done to his teeth. The young father immediately broke down in tears.


Dillon revealed that he hasn’t fully smiled without his hand over his mouth since he was a kid. To put that into perspective, he now has two children of his own. Even in photos with them, he would never show his teeth.

dillon moore teeth

Dillon was stunned when he saw his brand-new smile. The whole time he was at the office, he just thought Dr. Kenny was taking an abnormally long time to pull his tooth! “I was wondering what was taking so long,” he joked with the dentist.

After the jokes, though, Dr. Kenny says, “Promise me one thing now that I did that…” and before he can even finish, Dillon replies, “I’ll always smile.” And boy is he keeping his promise:

dillon and his kids

Watch the emotional surprise — and even sweeter reaction — in the video below and be sure to share with your friends!

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