Man’s Clever Chickens Refuse To Stay Home So He Buys Special Vests To Keep Them Safe.

A few years ago, David Williams of Campridgeshire, England bought a pair of laying hens for his 8-year-old son.

Even though David built a special coop for Davina and Deidre out back, it quickly became clear that they weren’t the types to sit around and do nothing all day long! Instead, the girls chose to free range all over the neighborhood.

Neighbors began to report that the ladies were visiting their yards. Most people enjoyed seeing the hens during their daily wanderings, noting that the birds kept slugs and other pests from destroying their gardens.

“I started off trying to keep them in. But right from the start, they had other ideas—they wanted to be free to go where they wanted,” David told Cambridgeshire Live. The chickens began circulating in a 5-mile radius from David’s home, but they always return at night for dinner and bedtime.

As the summer drew to a close and darkness came earlier, David started to worry about Davina and Deidre’s safety. He thought about ways to make his flock more visible to cars, and when he went online he found that a company named Omlet had the perfect solution: high visibility vests in bright florescent colors!


David now puts a bright pink and yellow florescent vest on the girls every morning before they head out for the day around 7 AM. The vests were an instant hit with their neighbors. Many people took pictures of the hens in their vests and shared them online.

“I love it when they come in my garden and eat the snails that eat away at my plants,” one neighbor said. “They’re doing me a good turn. They’re part of the community now and they brighten our days.”


The hens have become local celebrities in their community, and many people give them table scraps and other treats when they happen to wander into their yards. David says whatever they’re eating, it’s working: the hens both always leave an egg for the family before heading out each morning, and “their eggs are amazing.”


Okay, how cute is this? Everyone in town agrees that seeing the hens in their cute little vests makes their day. What a delightful solution to a problem!

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