Dog Crashes Musician’s Only “Error-Free Take” And We Can’t Stop Smiling.

Leave it to the family dog to totally upstage you and end up winning the internet in the process! Damien Robitaille is a Canadian musician who has been spending a lot of time at home during the novel coronavirus pandemic. As a result, he has been recording fun videos of himself performing as a one-man band.

In a recent cover of “Pump Up the Jam,” a popular 1989 dance track by Technotronic, Damien was rocking out when his Akita named Suki nosed her way into the shot. As Damien nailed the pop song, playing the piano with one hand while he used a foot to control the snare drum, Suki sat quietly by his side, licking her lips and yawning dramatically.

Damien shared the video online, writing, “After hours of recording, I finally got an error-free take, but this is also the take where my dog Suki decided to be a photobomber.”

Their adorable performance was a huge hit on Twitter! The tweet was shared thousands of times and was picked up by local and international news stations alike. “It’s like a dam broke,” Damien said. “If you look at my social media, since the spring I had gained maybe 1,000 followers. Since Monday, I’ve gained 10,000.”

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Good job, Suki! We’d say you really made his day. Check out their viral “duet” in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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