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dakota dalmatian

Mom Secretly Films Dog’s Sweet Reaction To Visit From His Friends, The Garbagemen.

For most of us, garbage day is nothing more than one of the mundanities of daily life. But for one dog in England, it’s something he looks forward to every week.

Dakota is a 2-year-old Dalmatian who lives with his owner, Ciara, in Eastbourne, East Sussex. While Dakota enjoys all the things other dogs do, such as going on hikes, playing fetch, and walking along the beach, nothing excites him more than when he hears the garbage truck approaching his house.


Every Friday, the dog jumps on a small brick wall behind his house and waits patiently on his hind legs, tail wagging. That’s because he’s expecting some very special visitors.

dakota waits for garbage men

Ciara gets a huge kick out of watching this and often takes her phone out to record as the garbage truck pulls up. That’s when Dakota’s tail goes into overdrive. He even does an adorable happy dance!

dakota sees garbage truck

“Dakota waits like this every week without fail,” Ciara said. “He hears the bin truck coming down the street and then it comes around the back to the garages behind our house, which is where he gets to see them. They stop to see him every time and always give him loads of fuss.”

garbage man pets dakota

The men seem to enjoy this visit just as much, greeting the Dalmatian like an old friend as soon as they exit the truck. Something tells us Dakota’s house is their favorite stop.

garbage men pet dakota

Dakota, you are too adorable! This might just be one of the cutest, most wholesome interactions we’ve ever seen. It’s really too bad they only get to see each other once a week. Here’s hoping they get to enjoy plenty more visits in the years to come.

Watch as Dakota excitedly greets the sanitation workers in the video below, and share with others to make them smile.

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