This Dad Found The Perfect Way To Turbocharge His Kid’s Fall Fun.

Fall is known for seasonal specials like pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, and the task of cleaning up fallen leaves. While most people would grab the leaf blower to clean up their yards, these dads took it one step further and turned that chore into some family fun.

Our first dad was looking forward to taking his daughter to the park. But he would get exhausted pushing the merry-go-round. So he came up with the perfect way to make his daughter happy while reading a good book.

He grabbed a leaf blower.


Virginia resident Mark Bundy came up with a similar idea when he and his 4-year-old son Graham found themselves a little bored last fall and decided to make their own fun.

It’s unclear who first had the genius idea to turn a simple garden tool into a jet engine, but whoever thought up the scenario deserves a medal.

Like sprinters at the starting line, Graham sat in his tricycle with dad close behind and a gas powered leaf blower rumbling in his hand. After counting down from three, Mark turned the blower on full speed and set off running behind Graham.


Neither showed any hint of fear as they careened around the dirt driveway.

Mark makes a habit of entertaining his kids in hilariously innovative ways. His YouTube channel features other leaf blower antics and backyard shenanigans that’ve kept his kiddos, and the rest of us, entertained for hours on end.

And the TODAY show hosts had a field day watching these two dads in action. Watch it all in the video below.

We should all strive to cultivate an active and fun loving spirit in our kids and the people around us. Get outside and have some fun!

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