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nicole tremblay tip

Pregnant Waitress Stunned To Find $1,000 Tip From Customer With Sweet Note.

If you asked Nicole Tremblay’s coworkers to describe her, they’d say she’s a great employee, easy to work with, and someone who always has her customers smiling.

That’s why they probably aren’t all that surprised at what recently happened to the New York waitress at work. In fact, they say, nobody was more deserving of the unexpected and incredibly generous gift one stranger left for her after finishing his lunch.

nicole tremblay

Nothing about that day seemed out of the ordinary as Nicole waited tables at Dock Brown’s Lakeside Tavern. But after serving one special customer, she says “the day went from a regular day shift to a day I will never forget.”

Nicole and the man shared a good conversation, during which she told him she was expecting a baby girl. She’s five and a half months pregnant. Nicole must have made one heck of an impression on him because when he left, she couldn’t believe what she saw on his receipt. The man’s bill was $23. He left a $1,000 tip. “Best wishes with the baby!” was written at the bottom.

$1,000 tip for waitress

Stunned, Nicole couldn’t find the words to express her overwhelming gratitude. She never got the chance to thank him in person. But she tried anyway in a heartfelt Facebook post.

“I hope one day we cross paths again as I was unable to say thank you before you left, you sir deserve all the good karma coming your way,” she wrote. “And may you set an example for other people out there. I’m not saying everyone has to go out and leave a $1,000 tip, but any type of kindness you are able to share with the rest of the world can make such a huge impact on someone’s life.”

Nicole added that she has a very special purpose for the money: “It’s the start of my savings for my daughter.”

Though the man clearly didn’t want any recognition, he certainly deserves it! Please share this story to spread thanks to the mysterious stranger who made Nicole’s day.

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