21 Cats Vs. Christmas Trees

Thanksgiving is over and December is here! You know what that means? Time to break out the Holiday decor! There’s mistletoe, holly, stockings, wreaths… but– as much as we love all of that– there’s one item that is essential to any home where Christmas is celebrated… the Christmas tree, of course!


Breaking out the Christmas tree and decorating it with lights, ornaments, and an angel on top is a huge event at some homes, but in the homes of cat-owners it means inviting some degree of chaos into the season. As you’ll see in the list below, cats and kittens love nothing more than to hide in, play with, and even eat the Christmas tree!

Check it out below:

1. Where’s the cat??

2. Checking it out…

And so it begins lol. #christmastreecats

A photo posted by Mylaine Lefteruk (@mylainelefteruk) on

3. Just lemme take a little taste

And so it begins… #catsofinstagram #christmastreecats #cats

A photo posted by Jacqui (@jkshoneydip) on

4. Things I didn’t think I’d be saying today…

5. “Then I looked at the tree”

6. Waiting to spy Santa!

I did something bad today

A photo posted by Emma (@missemmabean) on

7. It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Human, if you bring a tree in the house I’ll play in it! #christmasoniowa15 #christmastreecats

A photo posted by markjosephjeffery (@markjosephjeffery) on

8. This is why we can’t have nice things!

9. When you spot your Christmas tree moving

10. The greatest gift of all is the tree itself.

My Tree!

A photo posted by Pat Sutherland (@psutherland6) on

11. He looks pretty comfy in there

12. Feeling the holiday spirit!

13. Just a little higher and you can replace the angel-topper!

#catsofinstagram #catsintrees #christmastreecats do you see two cats?

A photo posted by Kayla Blair (@b00sted.mkiv) on

14. This guy doesn’t look too happy…

Screenshot (1384) Twitter

15. Let’s see how long those ornaments last!

16. Found another place to hide

Life’s hard in the tree #christmastreecats #xmas #kitten #naughtynorman #catsofinstagram

A photo posted by Norman The Kitten (@norman.thekitten) on

17. Too cute.

18. Is it Christmas yet?

A photo posted by @_chamallou_ on

19. Why?

20. This is MY tree! Back off.

A photo posted by @nursfam on

21. The cutest ornament!

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