Soldier Comes Home From Deployment To Ecstatic Dog Waiting To Smother Her In Kisses.

We all know that our military families sacrifice time with their loved ones for our freedom, but let’s not forget that our four-legged family members also miss their soldiers when they’re deployed.

The Cabrera family of Linden, California have been sorely missing their daughter, Casandra Cabrera, who was deployed with the United States Army overseas for 10 months. Apparently, the Cabrera’s family dog, Missy May, has also been missing her human, because when the dog spotted Casandra at the airport, she flipped out in the most adorable way.


Casandra’s mother, Robbi Cabrera, shared the video of Missy May greeting their favorite soldier at the airport on her Facebook page, and the clip quickly went viral because it’s incredibly sweet. The short video shows Casandra coming down the escalator in her Army fatigues as Missy May waits patiently at the bottom. The second Casandra steps towards the dog, Missy May goes bonkers!


Dog lovers everywhere will recognize the happy dance Missy May is doing! That wiggly bum is just too cute for words, and the dog just can’t get close enough to her master. Casandra is all smiles as she accepts Missy May’s dog-kisses, tilting her head away to avoid an accidental facial injury thanks to the dog’s exuberance.


“I left when she had just turned 1, and wasn’t sure if she would remember me after all that time,” Casandra said. “Her reaction absolutely warmed my heart.”

The love fest didn’t end at the airport, either. Once they got back home, Missy May continued to shower Casandra with all the canine love in her sweet little heart.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful homecoming video, Robbi, and most importantly, thank you for your sacrifice and service, Cabrera family!

Watch Missy May smother her soldier in kisses in the video below, and don’t forget to share this sweet moment with others.

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