Couple Survives COVID-19 And Makes It Their Mission To Save Lives By Donating Plasma.

Back in March, Brian Murphy was sick after being unknowingly exposed to the coronavirus and, just as he was recovering, his wife Dina started showing symptoms. Despite how awful the virus was, both of them eventually made a full recovery and are now using their antibodies to help others who have been infected. 

Doctors give hospitalized patients the donated antibodies found in plasma, which then helps their bodies fight off the virus a little easier. These donations by Brian and Dina have been literal lifesavers for those who are dangerously ill from the virus, and combined Brian and Dina have donated at least 19 times.

When Brian initially fell sick in March, it was very early on in the pandemic when there wasn’t a lot of information to work off of in terms of symptoms and testing was limited. When he went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with a sinus infection so he went home and battled it out in bed. Once Dina started feeling ill, she showed symptoms that were much different from Brian and when she went to the doctor, they didn’t think she had the virus based on the sound of her lungs. But, after her strep and flu tests came back negative, she was tested for COVID-19, and it came back positive. 

Dina told Good Morning America that after she recovered, she felt that she needed to do what she could to help others. So, she got tested for antibodies and started donating her plasma. Brian eventually got tested for the antibodies himself, and that’s how he discovered that he, too, had the virus back when he thought it was just a sinus infection.

Since then, they’ve been donating plasma as often as possible and together have saved more than 68 lives because of it. And, according to Dina, the process isn’t too bad. She told GMA, “Giving them plasma is really — it’s a lot easier than believe it or not, donating blood.”

The couple plan to keep donating as much and as often as they can and hope to encourage others to do the same. Brian said, “It’s a critical time for everybody to be providing [plasma] because there are so many more people in the hospital right now that could use plasma donations,” to which Dina added, “you’re saving mankind, that’s what’s really important.”

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