‘Boyband’ Didn’t Sing A Note, But Got The Golden Buzzer. How They Did It Will Impress You!

Boybands have been on the rise since One Direction passed through the golden gates of the music industry, into victory and ultra-stardom. But because of that, the judges of Britain’s Got Talent — primarily Simon — have become increasingly skeptical of contestants claiming to be the next big thing, especially when many of these groups have little but looks going for them.


Then the guys in this video walked on stage, and became the rare exception.

Sick of hearing and seeing the same acts over and over again, the three judges in the panel didn’t see much promise in the 5 guys standing on stage. But the group, legitimately called “Boyband,”came to impress with their obvious and all too clever moniker.

Within seconds, their performance of flips, summersaults and unnamed gymnastic wonders had each of the judges smiling ear to ear. Of course it helped that they chose the epic summer jam ‘Uptown Funk’, but chances are they’d knock it out of the park to Mozart, if given the chance.

But the best suprise comes at the end of the performance… when the boys receive the highest honor they could get from the hands of Britain’s Got Talent hosts, the Golden Buzzer. Check out the triumphant moment in the video below!

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