Heartbroken Boy Thinks Dad Forgot His Birthday, But Dad’s Surprise Has Them Both In Tears.

boy in baseball gear gets surprise in trunk of car

This heartwarming video starts out with a very disappointed little boy. He’s actually quite adorable, dressed up in his baseball uniform and hiding his pouting face from the camera, but he’s clearly upset; he thinks his dad has forgotten about his birthday. Little does he know, it’s all a part of a very special birthday surprise!


The boy’s dad orders his son to get something out of the trunk. The little athlete drags himself reluctantly out of the car and pops the back open. Immediately a smile spreads across his face and his eyes widen. He puts his hands on the back of the car and bounces with excitement before he can even bring himself to pick up the box.

“Happy birthday.” says Dad.


But the best part isn’t the boy’s initial reaction, cute though it may be. It’s the moment after he opens the box, when he buries his head in his arm and starts to cry, completely overwhelmed with gratitude.

Then Dad starts to get choked up! “Don’t cry!” he says. “You’re about to make me cry… Pull it out! Let the world see!” That’s when the boy pulls a new baseball bat from the box. “I wanna see some home runs,” says Dad. “I love you.”


The father’s love for his young son was so apparent. Not only was he able to get his son exactly what he asked for, but more importantly, they shared a moment of raw, true appreciation for one another, manly tears and all.

Check out the emotional video below and share!

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