Toddler Tries To Play Harmonica, But Singing Bloodhound Steals Show With Bluesy Solo.

Now, if this isn’t the most adorable musical duo ever, I don’t know what is!

The video below is just about half a minute long, but it’s the perfect embodiment of all that’s right with the world: A toddler joyfully jams away on a harmonica, dancing a little (uncoordinated) jig while his furry, four-legged sidekick literally howls the blues in her own droopy-eyed, bloodhound kind of way.

The bloodhound is about three times bigger than the toddler, but she’s more than happy to let the little tyke take center stage… she can’t help it if her voice is a little, well, overpowering.


The precious video has garnered the praises of hundreds of enamored commenters!

“Shee sounds like a trumpet at the gates of heaven lol,” one viewer wrote.

“This has to be one of youtube’s greatest videos EVER! So funny,” commented another.

But the best part, that viewer added, came at the end. And yeah, pretty much. We have to agree.


Watch the video below – it’s seriously the cutest thing you’ll see all day – and don’t forget to share to spread more smiles!

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